Dyllis Faife, Business Coach

My approach as a Business Coach is that I can help you to improve your personal performance, grow your business and maximize your profits by working with you to develop the soft skills which are vital to business success.

Soft skills include areas such as:

  • fostering assertiveness
  • developing clear communication skills
  • improving your interpersonal and influencing skills
  • learning new strategies for managing people and challenging situations
  • mastering your leadership skills

Whether you have experienced redundancy and are needing to consider a fresh start, whether you are planning to move from employment to self-employment or whether you are wanting to improve the quality of your leadership for your current business, a Business Coach will make a significant difference to how effectively you perform.

As a Business coach I will work with you to help you establish the goal you want to achieve for your business and clarify the actions you need to take to achieve this. I will work with you to help you identify your individual talents and abilities and the skills you need to develop to fulfill your potential and your ambition.

We will work together in a clear, structured framework which is tailor made for you and developed according to your personal needs.

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