When you’re considering changing career or you already have an appointed date for that job interview, a Career Development Coach is exactly what you need.

A Career Development Coach will help you evaluate both your strengths and your areas for development, help you clarify the direction you want to take and the steps you need to take to get you there and then, once you’ve been successful in achieving that all important interview, Interview Coaching will support you to plan and prepare so you can perform at your best when it really matters.

Communication is key and developing good communication skills is fundamentally important for your future career progress. Whether you are aspiring to move to a more senior position or at the point of preparing for interview, it is vital to reflect and review how you communicate with others.

As a Career Development Coach I will help you learn more about your own communication skills and the communication preferences of others. I will help you prepare and plan for the interview in detail, practise interview scenarios with you and provide feedback on your performance.

You will have the opportunity to review and reflect on the language you use and how you communicate and how you present yourself and then you will be in a position to consider the changes you need to make and how to improve your performance.

Having confidence and self-belief is key and developing confidence and self-belief is fundamental to achieving success in your career. I will work with you to develop your confidence by using a range of techniques, which will include both past experiences and new learning, and I will enable you to develop new ways of thinking and create a new, positive mindset for yourself.

Being able to manage people and manage challenging situations is critical to making progress in your career.

From my experience of coaching many people from varied backgrounds, I know this is often the biggest challenge facing those who aspire to move forward. I will help you to become more confident in managing these challenges and I will facilitate you to develop new tools, techniques and strategies for success.

Below are examples of the areas which a career development coach can work with you on:

  • Reviewing your skills, experience, values and desires to assist you in decision making on a future career direction
  • Helping you move forwards to obtain a more fulfilling job
  • Supporting you to make the transition from employment to self employment
  • Improving your job hunting and interview skills
  • Improving your relationships with your peer colleagues and managers
  • Increasing your organisational and political awareness
  • Developing a career strategy
  • Understanding the impact you have on other people and change how they perceive you
  • Improving your leadership and management skills
  • Cultivating your personal presence and gravitas

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