The social care and health sectors are operating in a world of unprecedented challenge and complexity and the task for those in leadership roles, at all levels, has become increasingly difficult and demanding.

We are now living in the most testing political and financial period for all who work in the sector and the need for clear, strong, dynamic and effective leadership is a growing priority and vital for the future.

Research evidence tells us that outstanding leadership delivers quality services and outstanding leaders create a climate where people working with them feel energized, inspired, empowered and satisfied.

Leadership Coaching is a development tool which, by offering one to one honest time for individuals to practise self-reflection and gain self-awareness and by encouraging people to explore and develop new skills and competencies, provides a fertile climate to help people develop to this level of excellence. Leadership Coaching benefits people in leadership positions at all levels of the organization.

Whether you work in the public, independent or charity sector, the complexities of your leadership role and the demands that you face are equally significant.

Leadership Coaching will help you become an even more effective leader and help you to fulfill your potential, both for yourself and for your organization.

What will a Coach do?

As your Leadership Coach I will act as a sounding board, a catalyst, a facilitator, a performance booster and a confidential thinking partner, helping you work through complex and unclear issues. I will help you better organize your thinking and help you see things from a broader, more complete perspective so you are able to develop your own problem solving options.

I will support you to develop greater self-confidence and assertiveness and a stronger sense of presence and gravitas, help you increase your depth of emotional intelligence and personal resilience and facilitate you to develop a style of leadership which is collaborative, developmental and distributed in approach.

I will encourage you to set goals which will stretch you, support you to implement a plan of action, challenge and motivate you along the way, hold you accountable and celebrate your success.

Below are examples of the areas which a Leadership Coach in Social Care and Health can work with you on:

  • Developing skills to communicate with authority and credibility and improve interpersonal communication
  • Enhancing key competencies, such as using strategic thinking, problem solving and influencing skills
  • Expediting priority setting and delegation and more effective time management
  • Reducing levels of stress and achieving a better work / life balance
  • Improving presentation and networking skills
  • Developing conflict-management skills
  • Clarifying organizational and personal goals and keeping you focused on key actions to achieve them
  • Assessing leadership strengths, improvement areas, and performance opportunities
  • Clarifying organizational mission, vision, values, and goals


“It’s not what you lead, it’s who you are when you’re leading”


Leadership is always tough, and we know that it is particularly so in the social care and health sectors. The demand for coaching from these sectors has increased over the years as the challenges and complexities of leadership roles have changed.

By working with me as your coach, you will be investing not only in yourself but in the staff you lead and the people using your services. When leaders improve their performance, benefits spread throughout the whole organization.

By developing a trusting relationship, asking you the right kind of questions, constructively challenging and positively encouraging, I can enable you to identify your strengths and gaps, find the best answers and support you to become the most effective leader you can be.

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