Dyllis helped me decide where to direct my energies at a time when I was bewildered by the range of possible directions open to me at an early stage of my career. She showed me a structured way of determining what sort of career path would best fit with my values and skills, and encouraged me to set concrete goals that brought me closer to that path.

Throughout the process, Dyllis was patient, considerate and encouraging. I would also highly recommend the DISC profiling that Dyllis offers: it has given me a new way of thinking about the way I communicate with others in the workplace, and I’m looking forward to trying it out.

Dyllis has helped me, through her supportive but gently challenging manner, to overcome low levels of confidence and self-esteem, and think much more positively about the future. With the aid of DISC profiling Dyllis has helped me to better understand myself, inspiring and encouraging me in my quest for meaningful work. Dyllis is very professional and pleasant to work with, and I would recommend her for personal development coaching.

Thank you so much for conducting the Myers Briggs Personality Profile with me.

It helped me identify my natural behaviours and those I have learnt to adopt over my years in business. Confirming that I am able to adapt in different situations and use my learnt behaviour rather than my natural behaviour when it is more appropriate.

You delivered the Personality Profile in a very informative manner, giving me all the information I needed to complete it. The discussion after completion of the Personality Profile was invaluable, helping me identify that following a period of chronic illness I am actually the same person I was before the illness. You also allowed plenty of time in order to complete the Personality Profile and even had some extra time at the end to give me some coaching regarding an impending house move. During this coaching you helped me identify the behaviours I was using to make my decisions and that I could use some learnt behaviours where necessary to complete the task. This coaching was invaluable.

All in all it was a very useful exercise, delivered in a professional and friendly manner, allowing me to complete the exercise at my own pace.

Thank you for the Myers-Briggs personality profile you did for me. The whole process was professional and every step was clearly explained throughout.

It was an interesting process and Dyllis took the time to discuss each element in detail with me. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone.

I worked with Dyllis as my coach over a six month period as I was interested in looking at my personal development and growth with the overall aim of determining which career direction I wanted to go in and then obtaining employment.

Having never had a coach before I didn’t really understand how it worked and when to expect to see results. Dyllis has exceeded all my expectations.

I would describe Dyllis as an approachable, professional and very dedicated coach. Quickly understanding me – my way of thinking – then encouraging me to find clear strategies to success.

Dyllis has effectively provided me with a series of tools and a clearer understanding of personal change and growth which have helped me become a more successful, driven and positive individual.

I have recently achieved full time employment in my current chosen career and Dyllis has also supported and encouraged me to pursue volunteer opportunities in a field which I may wish to consider changing to at a future date.

I would recommend Dyllis to anyone interested in personal development as I have learnt first-hand how beneficial coaching with her has been.

Dyllis Faife is a great coach. She is patient, committed and concerned. I value every session that I have had with Dyllis and feel that she has made a real difference to my life.

If you want to move forward in your life and want support to help you find your way, Dyllis is a fantastic solution. My self-confidence has increased and this means I am now able to take a more flexible approach to life and am more confident and proactive in my decision-making. The changes in me have led to an improved home and professional life.

Thank you Dyllis.

Dyllis helped me to explore my options at a particularly demanding time in my career. She is an engaging, attentive and challenging coach supporting me to ‘be braver sooner’ by leaving long-term employment to undertake an MBA – Dyllis has quite literally helped me to change my life!

I wholeheartedly recommend you get in touch with Dyllis to discuss how coaching can help you to achieve your potential. Good luck!

Dyllis is a rare and exceptional coach. As a high achiever and someone who is just starting on their first business venture, I was seeking a coach who could match my fast pace of learning and rate of progress.

Dyllis superseded all my expectations. She was professional and objective, yet patient and empathetic. Due to the current demands of my newfound career, I found myself having to multi-task to a great extent.

Dyllis did a fantastic job in helping me maintain my focus and drive. I felt that I was engaged in a truly collaborative process, and I left each session feeling enthused and energised.

Thank you Dyllis, for all your help and support.

I started coaching sessions with Dyllis in order to help me through a challenging period at work. I was impressed by how quickly Dyllis understood my situation and during our first session I was already making progress in putting together some strategies to address some of my challenges.

During the follow up sessions we were increasingly able to increase the scope of our discussions, and within 6 months I was able to handle a variety of work situations much more effectively than I ever could have hoped to, it has been an extremely worthwhile and rewarding exercise.

Coaching was a great way for me to reflect on my practice which is something I never take the time to do. Dyllis was a fabulous coach and helped me to identify ways in which I could achieve my set objectives now and how to use the learning gained for the future.