As part of my Masters in Assistive Technology, I had to complete a work based learning module (WBL) implementing a change in adult social care, drawing upon both project and change management experience and theory as well as a wide range of evidence based practice for Assistive Technology. The WBL module required that I identified and worked with a mentor and coach. As I had read and been inspired by an article Dyllis had written on this very subject, I thought Dyllis would be my perfect coach. I was delighted to discover that as well as writing an excellent article, Dyllis is indeed also a professional coach, and agreed to work with me!

I had considered working with a coach previously over a number of years but never actually made the leap. So I was delighted that I did, and wondered why I hadn’t done it sooner! Over the course of a 6 month period, Dyllis coached me in a number of professional areas, including the development of my personal skills and effectiveness, in particular around listening, leadership and communication. Dyllis’ style is friendly and professional, formal and structured around achieving specific goals that I identified as being important to me or my career development. And always flexible where things never ran exactly as planned. The result is that I have renewed my contract with my customer, providing a further 6 months of consultancy, and I am also continuing with the coaching!

Working with Dyllis over the last few months has really helped fast track my progress in a range of areas we have worked on. Quickly establishing a good rapport and understanding of how I work, Dyllis’ coaching style helped me gain clarity, understanding and direction.

The dynamic of working with a professional outside of the Business was a leading factor in choosing DF Coaching. Having a number of sessions also worked for me to help commit fully and maintain focus.

Thanks again Dyllis and I look forward to working with you on future projects.

I would highly recommend Dyllis to anyone looking for coaching around professional or career development. Dyllis can guide you through discussions around past experiences and allow you to reflect and build upon these identifying the positives.

Dyllis can work with you to identify future goals and specify how you will achieve these, developing a focused plan for future career development. I found each of my sessions with Dyllis to be an enjoyable experience and I continue to use the actions form each session to build towards my long term plans.

Excellent business coach.

The opportunity to take redundancy spurred me on to start my own business, but going from employee to employer took me to unknown territory and I lost a bit of confidence.

I met Dyllis at a networking event and immediately liked her. She has a great coaching manner which made me feel empowered and confident again very quickly.

My business is now doing very well and is way ahead of projected forecasts. If you’re reading this considering whether to contact her or not… please do… she’s amazing.

United Response commissioned Dyllis to work with a cohort of frontline and middle managers to coach them based on individual objectives. United Response evaluated the coaching and the feedback was excellent; all the coachees said they had benefited and would highly recommend the coaching provided by Dyllis to other managers in United Response.

Coachees reported that they particularly valued someone independent to talk to and the confidentiality aspect of the coaching relationship. Most coachees reported an increase in confidence as well as clarity and actions to take forward to resolve their particular objective.United Response feels so positively about the benefits and impact of Dyllis’s coaching, for both the organisation itself and for the individual managers, that we have now not only recontracted with her for a second year but we have doubled the volume of our contract with her, so that even more of our managers can benefit from her coaching skills.

I was provided with the opportunity of a coach via a frontline leadership Award. I was dubious as I have never had a coach before and I was unsure on how it would work or what I would get from it.

On my first session I realised quite quickly that Dyllis is a true professional. Her calm and patient manner made me relax and feel confident. Dyllis helped me think about and plan what would be most useful of our time together. I had 8 separate 1 hour sessions which we planned together to suit.

Over this period I went through difficult times, Dyllis was a huge asset to me I looked forward to our sessions. Dyllis guided me to think about, reflect, plan and problem solve. I was sad for our sessions to end.

Dyllis I wish you every success you deserve it. Thank you.